When Love Finds You

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 10, 2020

After pasts riddled with pain, can Hadlee and Bryce let themselves love again?




He was the perfect vacation fling.


I needed to get laid and live a little.  One night with him would revive my shattered heart and arouse my senses.  I could cast aside all my inhibitions and let my lust guide me.


And the best part, I would never have to see him again…or so I thought. 




She was my last taste at freedom.


I used her, just like all the others that came before her.  The women I chose to be with had only one purpose…to fulfill my needs, and then I was done. 


But she was different.  She put me off balance and got under my skin. 


But what did it matter…it’s not like one night was going to change my future.

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